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Quit Smoking

Quit smoking as a New Year’s resolution

Have you thought about quitting smoking? Have you tried but not succeeded? Why not make your New Year’s Resolution to stop smoking and SUCCEED?

Failure can be due to many factors such as peer pressure to smoke, lack of information on how to best succeed and lack of the will to change. The first step is deciding to quit and why. Most people quit to improve their health while others may be concerned about the cost of the habit. Either way, every individual has their own reason to quit but everyone shares the same goal: to stop smoking.

You must decide what is the best way to do so. Some people may have the strength to do it alone; others may need one-on-one counseling or support groups.

Who Can Help?

     The Quitline is a great service providing access to self help resources and advice all free of charge and available by calling 13 7848 (13QUIT).

     The Quit Coach (www.thequitcoach.org.au) is a free, interactive website able to provide advice based  on answers you supply to an online survey.

     Your Quality Pharmacist can provide you with professional advice and recommendations on products best suited to help you.

Additional Help

Nicotine replacement therapy in the form of patches, lozenges, gum, inhalers and micro tabs are very useful in treating the physical symptoms of quitting. Research has shown that they can double your chances of quitting by reducing the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. There is also a tablet available on prescription to aid with the symptom control and you may be eligible to have it subsidised by the government.

You are not alone!

Other things may assist you in ‘kicking the habit’ such as forming a support group with your friends, avoiding areas where smokers frequent often and of course setting a goal. Try rewarding yourself when your goal is achieved such as buying yourself a gift with the money saved from not buying cigarettes.

Always consult your doctor or pharmacist if you currently take other medications or have any medical conditions.

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