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Pre-registration Program

Quality Pharmacy understands the need for continuous learning & development and seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice throughout the Pre-registration year. Our Pre-registration Development Program is designed to compliment the training given by the Victorian College of Pharmacy (Monash University) and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA). It has been produced by combining the Competency Standards for Entry Level Pharmacists in Australia, the Pharmacy Board Guidelines and the suggested program as per the Pharmacy Board.

Quality Pharmacy’s vigorous Pre-registration program encompasses a structured and extensive one-on-one program to be facilitated by the Preceptor at the Pharmacy ‘store’ level. It also involves the team of Pre-registration students within the entire Quality Pharmacy group to meeting at least monthly at our Quality Pharmacy Head Office for course related and structured tutorials.

The tutorials provide Pre-registration students with extensive education and learning in all aspects of Pharmacy practice, including Clinical Pharmacy, Community and Retail Pharmacy and business management. Students are presented with case scenarios as ‘take home’ assignments to research and present to the group. Students also revise material, such as past exam questions, and are given the opportunity to discuss any patient issues raised at the Pharmacy level, therefore allowing for the understanding and progression of the whole Pre-registration student team.

The Quality Pharmacy group comprises of both metropolitan and regional Pharmacies, which are placed in varying demographic areas. Pre-registration students are given the opportunity, at least once during the Pre-registration year, to work at other Pharmacies within the group, thus allowing the students to experience different environments and cultures in the varying demographic regions.

Pre-registration Program 
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